Yelp’s Mobile Usage: Almost Half Of All Searches?

Announced yesterday in the company’s third-quarter 2012 earnings report, Yelp can now say that almost half of their searches stem from mobile devices.

More than 8 million people are currently using Yelp’s mobile apps on their smart phones and tablets, increasing their mobile user base by about 1 million in just one quarter.

With the integration of Apple’s iOS 6 and new map platform, we can surely see why Yelp’s mobile usage has had this boost in service (although we would expect this “8 million” number to be higher with over 200 million people using iOS 6…but we’ll take it for now).

Here’s what else Yelp has to offer to you:

They are now reaching across the world with the newest additions of Singapore and Helsinki to use the platform; totaling to 96 Yelp markets worldwide.

They have redesigned their business pages on the app to emphasize user engagement through pictures, tips, and check ins, making mobile contribution opportunities front and center for the user.

In addition to new business pages, Yelp has also revamped their homepage to place greater emphasis on mobile activity from the user and the people they are connected with through the app; showing individual app activity and the user’s social graph.

Lastly, you can now also see the launch of gift certificates that businesses can sell directly to the consumer through their business profile.

What do you think?

Here at LocBox we know how crucial Yelp is to your business. We’re also pretty sure that you know the importance Yelp plays for you and your business, whether you like it or not. If you could see Yelp do something new next, what would you like to see?






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